Blastic plasmacytoid dendritic cell neoplasm (BPDCN) is a hematologic cancer that has remained underdetected, primarily because of overlapping presentations and morphologically minute distinctions between other malignancies. Now, by including a triad of signature markers—CD123, CD4, and CD56—in all initial hematologic diagnostic panels, proper diagnosis is possible.1-3

BPDCN is an aggressive hematologic cancer and may present with features similar to AML, NHL, ALL, MDS, and CMML, as well as other malignancies with skin manifestations.2-5

CD123, as part of the signature marker triad in combination with CD4 and CD56, is a key marker in identifying BPDCN—and is a rapidly emerging target for therapeutic research in several hematologic cancers.3

Stemline Therapeutics, Inc. is committed to advancing therapeutic research to help patients with BPDCN.

AML = acute myeloid leukemia; NHL = non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma; ALL = acute lymphoblastic leukemia; MDS = myelodysplastic syndrome;
CMML = chronic myelomonocytic leukemia.
*BPDCN diagnosis can include other markers, such as CD4, CD56, TCL1, and CD303 (BDCA2).3
Left image republished with permission from Blood; right image reprinted by permission from Springer Nature: Modern Pathology, Neoplasms derived from plasmacytoid dendritic cells. Facchetti F, © 2016.


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